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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

October 14, 2021 4 min read

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

There is always a birthday around the corner, but seems to always be a shortage of unique birthday gifts. Well, here are here to solve that problem and deliver you unique birthday gift ideas the recipient won't forget.  Birthdays are special so it is time you find a unique gift that doesn't break the bank.  Everyone gets wallets, watches and perfumes for others, but a gift that shows a sense of humor goes a long way. When going for unique birthday gift ideas, you should choose a memorable gift that rejuvenates the party with laughter.

Without further ado, here are our top 6 favorite birthday gag gifts that you can give to your friends!

1.     Face Potato

Who doesn’t like to pull their friend’s leg on their birthday? You can get different variations of a face potatofor your friend. You can leave a custom message on one side and have a picture printed on the other. If you feel that your friend will be a little irked, you can even send it anonymously to tease them. If your friend is a couch potato, they will definitely get the pun and get amused.


A face potatowill look hilarious when your friend receives it in the mail. It will be a fun story to tell after a few years have passed. You can reminisce your face potato gift and, of course, make fun of your potato head friend.

Birthday Potato

2.   Burrito Blanket

Your friend feels cold in the winters? Give them a hilarious burrito blanket that looks so real that you may want to eat it. A burrito blanket can be placed on the couch, bed and used for camping. Your friend can wear the burrito blanket around them like a wrap and feel as comfortable as they can.

When opting for unique birthday gift ideas, a burrito blanket is a surefire way to ensure laughs for your friends and their family. Laughter is key in life, and let your friend know that they are as comforting as a burrito.

Burrito Blanket

3.    Shit I Can’t Remember Notebook

Get a notebook, logbook and organizer all in one with the Shit I Can’t Remember Notebookeasily available on Amazon. Your friend can organize their to-do-list and organize their tasks in the notebook. Every time your friend looks at the cover, they will smirk and or even laugh out loud.

People tend to forget things, and when there is a notebook handy, they can note down their plans for the day, week or even month. As the world is changing, your friends do need to see the lighter side of things. When gifted with a hilariously captioned notebook, your friend’s mood will improve, and they will feel thankful to you by remembering you fondly.

4.   Explosion Box

When going through unique birthday gift ideas, you can opt for an explosion box that opens with a surpriseand releases butterflies. There are times when you’re just fed up with the same old streamers, balloons and party favors. Even going for a black explosion boxwill fire up your friend’s party.

Surprising your friends is always fun, and you can do that by giving them an explosion box that will make their birthday memorable and entertaining. You can play music and fairy lights at a party, but the main thing is to create a bond with your friends. When you gift a funny item to your friend, you will get closer, and your relationship will be meaningful.


5.   Old As Shit Sash

Made of satin, the Old As Shit sashwill surely entertain all the guests and ask you where you got the sash from. You can make your friend wear the sash, and as it is sewn at the end, there is no need for a safety pin. You can place them over their head, and there you have it!

The Old As Shit sash is one size fits all and can even be worn by a person who is 6 feet in height. Ensure that your friend has a sense of humor and will happily embrace the gift. With unique birthday gift ideas, this is undoubtedly the one that will be remembered the most.

Old As Shit Sash

6.   I Didn’t Fart My Ass Blew You A Kiss Mug

You can gift your friend a fun novelty cup that says I Didn’t Fart My Ass Blew You A Kiss Mug via Amazon. Even suitable for your brother, sister and husband, this hilarious mug will easily make anyone laugh. Having a sense of humor is important in life, and you should ensure that your friends and family are having a fun time as they go through their everyday routines.

Giving a gag gift to your friend in the shape of a mug will surely make them feel funny and amused. Whenever your friend has a cup of coffee or even their hot cocoa, they will remember your gift fondly.

When opting for unique birthday gift ideas, you should preplan a whole related birthday around it. For instance, if you’re going for an Old As Shit theme and making your friend feel like a grandparent, you should do the party flavors accordingly. You can even make an Old As Shit birthday cake that will surely make them fume as well as enjoy their birthday celebrations. If you go all the way to plan a surprise, they will surely appreciate the cake you got them.

All in all, when going for unique birthday gift ideas, you can keep them simple or go over the top. It is always feasible to go over the top and make your friend feel special. Birthdays come once a year, and you’re allowed to go crazy. There are times when you may feel that your friend may get offended but are they really your friend if they don’t get your humor?  Get your friend a gag gift and make their day!


Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato

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