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7 Fun and Hilarious Gag Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

October 14, 2021 4 min read

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas is the time of celebrating friendships, relationships, and love. It is that time of the year when people enjoy being with each other. Whether you talk about blood relations or chosen ones, everything is celebrated and considered as a token of blessing by God.

In childhood, when life was all about receiving gifts and love from the elders, adulthood proved to be totally different. Once you enter the age, you have to give gifts to the younger ones. It may seem tough, but it has its own charm and fun. Being an adult is challenging yet amusing.

Looking for gift options for children, siblings, parents, and friends is common. Have you ever thought of buying a gift for your boyfriend? Christmas is an event of celebrating love, and who do you love more than your boyfriend? For at least the time being!

If you have this amazing idea of buying a gift for your boyfriend this Christmas, then you have landed on the right platform. Below we have some great recommendations for you to buy a hilarious gag gift for your boyfriend.

Gag Gifts Ideas for Your Boyfriend!

Are you also dating a child looking like a man? Well, congratulations! You are goals for some single people out there. Buy these cute gifts for your man-child, and do record his reaction!

Self-obsessed much? Well…

Guys who are self-obsessed are pretty hard to handle. But you can always make him feel uncertain and doubtful with our mastermind trick. Click his funny and not-postable pictures every time you get a chance. Once you get them, pick out two to three of them. Get those printed on a mug. And boom, keep that mug on his side table. See his self-obsession fly away like a butterfly!

Too Emotional? Make him Cry More!

Yes! Emotions are good. And men showing emotion should be normalized too. However, being too emotional can be a bit much. It is good to let your heart out and cry once in a while. But not every time. If your man is one of those who cry easily, play with it! Get an emotional message printed on a sheet, use your favorite memories, and shoot a decent video message telling how important he is. It is going to be fun, watching him cry.

Are you Dating a Man or A Traveler?

With time, men have started exploring themselves, and for that, they find escapes. IF your boyfriend is one of those who have to take a break every once in a while, then there is nothing better than a traveling bag. He will worship you on that very Christmas. Men are too handy and careless. They do not know how to organize things. Once you get him a good bag pack, he will at least have his belongings sorted out with zips and pockets. We don’t know about his life.

Funny Boyfriend? Or At Least He Thinks That Way

Boys crack the lamest possible joke and then call themselves funny. Dating such a guy is nothing more than a challenge. Imagine you have to laugh after someone says, “are you lasagna, because I am loving all your layers,’ ugh, what a kid, but cute ;)! But well, if you have signed up for this, then seize the opportunity. Every time your boyfriend cracks a joke, note it down, and picture your reaction. Once you have enough collection, make an album, write all those jokes, and paste the picture of your reaction on a Face Potato. Trust me; he will adore you throughout his life.


Are You with Joey Tribbiani!?

If you are dating a foodie, then there is a hundred percent chance that they are thinking about food at that very moment. There is nothing better than getting their favorite food pictured on their comforter or blanket. Does he love Burritos? Get a huge giant throwing Burrito blanket from the market. He eats hotdogs all the time? Get a comforter with a huge hot dog printed on it! Trust us on this one; he will admire your choice. Which he eventually does, because you are with him, but still. Joey thinks about food all the time!

Burrito Blanket

Men Do Not Understand the Word ‘Time’

Like every other man, your boyfriend may also be the one who does not know anything about time. If this is the case, then get him a wristwatch, but this time, with no numbers in it. Men love validity. Some watches come with funny messages like, “the time correct,” or “you are not late, everyone else is just early.” If you want to gift your boyfriend something meaningful yet taunt, get him this watch. He will eventually become a little punctual because of the constant shade that would be thrown at him by his wristwatch.

The He Deserves It All Guy!

Do you adore your man for everything he does for you? Well, then you must give him a great gift this Christmas. You can get a customized package with all of his favorite things. His favorite perfume, His favorite brand’s wristwatch. A wallet. His favorite pairs of shoes. And everything that he ever wanted to own. Men also deserve love. If you feel like Christmas is the time when you get a chance to show your man how much he means to you, then own it. But him a meaningful gift, which he will adore his whole life.

Wrapping it Up

Even though sometimes your boyfriend may act like a child, but remember, he is much more than that. Looking after a grown-up child is much more difficult. But in the end, you yourself signed up for this. Regardless of all the ups and downs, you love your man. Show it to the world, and to him too!


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