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Father's Day Message Ideas: What To Write In A Father's Day Card

February 09, 2021 4 min read

Father's Day Message Ideas: What To Write In A Father's Day Card

It is really wonderful to tell your dad how much you love and cherish him. There are countless reasons to value and honor your dad. To make him realize, how you feel about him. To greet him on this special day is an ideal opportunity for you to avail yourself.

Here you will find a collection of nicest and coolest messages with hearty words for you to write in Father's Day Card for your Dear Dad. The magical words will compel your dear father to love you even more.


Short & touching messages for Dad

  •  Dad! You are the only in the world! I love you!
  • You have played a very responsible role in parenting me.. "Happy Father's Day Dad"
  • My favorite personality Dad.. Is you!
  • You are an awesome father! You are my hero! "A Happy Father's DAY"
  • Dad! You are full of wisdom and smartness!
  • Whenever I need an advise..  you are the best resource! "Happy Father's Day"
  • Father! You have made me a fighter like you! I love you so much!
  • I have picked great skills from you to cope up with life. "Happy Father's Day"
  • Dad! With your company.. I had a good time growing up!
  • You made me smile and you made me laugh, when I cried. "Happy Father's Day"
  • You have always raised my morale Dad!  You are my best friend!
  • Whenever I was afraid of losing, you helped me out.. "Wish you a Happy Father's Day"
  • My Dad, you are a Superstar! You are my ideal!
  • You are a celebrity for me.. And I always love being with you.. "Happy Father's Day Dad"
  • Thank you for being there for me always Dad! I love you very much
  • I am fortunate to have you as my best friend. "A very Happy Father's Day to you"
  • With your intellect, I have made it big!
  • I feel so proud to be your son.. You are amazing.. "Happy Father's Day to my Daddy"

 Appealing messages from daughter

  •  You are a terrific dad of your little girl!
  • I always feel very safe in your strong arms.. "Happy Father's Day"
  • My lovely Dad.. You are my Superman!
  • You have melted my heart, being so actively involved in my life.. "I wish you A Happy Father's Day"
  • You have stolen the heart of a smart girl, who loves to call you DAD!
  • Who stays in my mind everywhere I go.. Is you.. "Happy Father's Day"
  • Dad! You are essential for me.. I can't imagine being without you!
  • The way you have always taken me.. I can never let go.. Love you too much! "Happy Father's Day"
  • I have greatly benefited with my strong bond with my Dad!
  • It's only you Dad who can fix everything in my favor.. Thank you.. "Happy Father's Day"
  • When I get back from college.. I find at home my best friend, my Dad!
  • I love your company Dad.. Always love me like you do.. "Happy Father's Day"
  • You are a sea of knowledge.. And a mountain of wisdom!
  • I have been blessed with this great man who's my father.. "A very Happy Father's Day"
  • Daddy! I learnt from you to achieve any aim..
  • More importantly I learnt from you the meaning of life.. "Happy Father's Day"
  • My father built my personality and my confidence!
  • You made my life purposeful.. You made me find my potential.. "Happy Father's Day"

15 meaningful Father's Day messages for a husband

  • Darling! I love our children.. And I love you..

  • You mean a lot to me and I adore you.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • Only for the love of my heart and my life..

  • No one could be a better father like you.. "A very joyous Happy Father's Day"

  • Honey! Thank you for all you have done for our children, and for me!

  • Life is beautiful with you.. I love you.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • We are so lucky to have you in our lives baby!

  • Thank you so much for your great love and affection.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • With a gracious and handsome man like you, I've loved sharing my life!

  • You have proved to be the best father and husband.. "Wishing you a Happy Father's Day"

  • For kids you are their hero.. And for me, you are my prince!

  • All credit goes to you for our happy lives.. "A Merry & Happy Father's Day"

  • Your love for our children and for me is incomparable!

  • There has been in our lives the most amazing man.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • From the beginning you have been touching our hearts with your love and affection!

  • There could not have been more than this you have done for us.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • We are so fortunate to have such a loving man to lead our family!

  • Honey! When you are away, we feel incomplete without you.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • I wonder many times how to honor you.. I love you too much!

  • On this special day I have found an opportunity to express myself.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • Darling! I wish that I could make you a king!

  • It could not have been so good for our family without you.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • I feel so proud of you honey! You are an awesome man!

  • You deserve every bit of love in my heart.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • Your charming personality makes me feel like a queen!

  • You are your children's favorite.. But I never feel jealous.. BABY!' Happy Father's Day"

  • I have always showered my love, only on the father of my children..

  • I love you darling.. This is your day.. "Happy Father's Day"

  • Honey! Thank you for helping me in raising our baby.

  • I could have never done it without you.. "Happy Father's Day"


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