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Wonderful company

Great company

Mail A Potato Face
Matthew Bass

Mail A Potato Face

Christmas potato

My son surprised me for Christmas with the hilarious anonymous potato. Loved the box and the flying butterflies! Definitely an original gift and love the whole idea!

Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato
Catherine Chimney

I got it for my brother who has everything already… can’t stop watching the opening video

Mail A Potato Face
Jill Ebding
Perfect surprise gift

So much fun! I can’t wait to surprise more people with a potato!! Great gift - excellent quality - nice price! So fun!

Surprise Box
Dudley Anderson
Recipient loved it!

I sent this as a joke (anonymous of course) and it tripped up the recipient until I let on who the sender was. This is a very fun, unique gift that can be personalized in a million clever ways. Highly recommend!

Mail A Potato Face
Tim ODonnell

Good potato

Mail A Potato Face
Grant Cowherd

Mail A Potato Face

Mail A Potato Face
Elizabeth Suggs
My son loved it!

My teen sent his older brother a Mail-A-Potato Face for Christmas. We watched on FaceTime as he opened it, and his reaction was priceless!
He’s a gamer, and several people commented on it when they saw it on his desk while he was streaming. Now he’s trying to figure out how to preserve it, so it can last as long as possible!

Mail A Potato Face
Abigail Klose

Great prank!

What the… what?

We were about to go to a Boy Scout meeting when suddenly there was a package at the front door. I had gotten a gift, it seems. What could it be?

A… potato?!

It was hilarious and yet so random! I can’t believe my Dad (he admitted to it pretty quickly) sent me a potato. The packaging was great (but now what do I do with it?)

Kudos to Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato. You guys are great!


I sent it to my daughter. It was a fun mystery for her to try to figure out. I finally had to tell her it was me. The sack and potatoes were in perfect condition.

Just Wow!

I sent one to my buddy and in his words "Best gift ever". What do you get for someone who has everything? An anonymous little piece of your heart, that's what...


was perfect!

Mail A Potato Face
Tanya Miller
So one order was delivered…

Should be thankful I’m leaving 3 stars. One order was delivered and thank God it was the one for my friends birthday. My beanie on the other hand I ordered November 5th, I’ve had no communication on besides “they are sorry but changed designs and would get back to me” and that was over a week ago….. andddd why would I order a beanie and then want the design changed from what I ordered?!!

Birthday Spud a big hit

Got the birthday box with a photo spud for my daughter. She opened it in front of everyone at a family get together. The butterflies and the potato were a huge party hit.

Explosion Box

Bought this for my sister and she was afraid to open it but she and her son LOVED the box and the potato once they finally decided who would open the box. The perfect gift for the friend who has everything!

Mail A Potato Face
harold gaynes


Mail A Potato Face
Ryan Basel


Mail A Potato Face
Hannah Butler
Perfect Practical Joke!

Such a hilarious gift to send anonymously! Company makes it easy and fun to make the order.

Pregnancy gift

My sister is pregnant so the week her baby was the size of a potato I sent her this with a funny photo of her husbands face. I had them write “congrats your baby is now the size of a potato” they loved it and keep it on display in the kitchen.

Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato

So fun!

The potato came a day earlier than expected which was amazing and right on time for my friends birthday. She loved all the add-ons and butterflies that popped out at her. Thanks!

Mail A Potato Face
Amy Bowers
Unique gift

Fantastic gift!

Surprise Box
College Reminder

I sent my son a potato with a message that said, "Call your Mom, college man!" It was great!

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