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Anonymous Potato Reviews

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Moldy Potato

Super disappointed in the quality. The potato was opened upon arrival and was mushy and mold covered. It had to literally go straight in the trash. An absolute waste of money

Mail A Potato Face

Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato

Mail A Potato Face
Melissa Shanley
Awesome but a bit $$

Potato turned out great and was a hit!

Surprise Box
William Moss
Do not fall for the surprise box.

How would I know what to think of the surprise box?
It went to my friend.

I did NOT like how after adding a surprise box to the order... I was prompted to add another surprise box to the order. I thought that an error had occurred with the first attempt, so I added it again. I didn't find out until after the order was completed that there was one potato... with two boxes. That was dumb.

Mail A Potato Face
Joel Degoey
Never arrived

Horrible service, package never arrived. Customer service Ignoring emails

It’s ok

I like this service but most ads show a much bigger potato than what was sent. All three that I sent was about the size of a baseball and one of them was already getting soft.

Mail A Potato Face
Desirae Sanders
So cute!

My bestie loved her potato with my face on it. Great gift to send some laughs

Mail A Potato Face
Bell, Cody
Potato rotted

I was so excited to send this, but when it got to the person’s house, it was already rotted. And made the picture look wrinkly.

Surprise Box
Whitney Mohr
Cute gift for the person who needs something a little different

I wish that the potato was edible. My friend loved it - it made her laugh.

Valentine Sweet Potato
Danielle Clifford

Awesome gift for national sweet potato day, for which me and my friend exchange a small gift for every year as an inside joke. Perfect, and the photo on the sweet potato was of excellent quality.

Surprise Box
Melinda Ofarrell
Best customer service!

I had entered the wrong address for delivery and didn't notice until the next day. I emailed customer service and they quickly corrected my error. My grandson is still trying to figure out who in the world would have sent him a Happy Birthday potato for his 18th birthday!

Perfect! Arrived when I wanted it to and thoroughly confused the recipient!! Excellent. 100% will recommend to friends and family!

Surprise Box
Carol Butch
Surprise box

The birthday boy still can’t figure out who sent the potato.
You guys are good!

I haven’t heard from the recipient yet.

Surprise Box

It was funny

Absolutely perfect. Loved by all and more! Thank you!

Mail A Potato Face
Kris Bogue

Mail A Potato Face

Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato

Surprise Box
Ms. Flint
It was a great Boss's Day gift!

I was telling my students about sending an anonymous potato to one of my coworkers a few years ago and the kids got a kick out of it!! They decided that they wanted to send one to our Principal, so I put in the order and we sent it to him for Boss's Day. He LOVED it and the kids did too!!

The recipient loved it!!

Bought this as a birthday present/gag gift for my favorite, practical Joker! He loved it, and got a good laugh out of it!!
However, I must have filled out the form wrong for only the face, but in my order notes, I wrote "please print the entire picture". They only sent the face, but wish somebody checking the order would have questioned why my note did not match what I ordered. I did want the whole photo on the potato, not just the face. Other than that, the gift was a hit

Love Potato Bundle
yides weissmandl
Loved it!!!

Was really I hit!!!

My friend I bought this for never received this item.

Mail A Potato Face
Susan Fredricks

Mail A Potato Face

Mail A Potato Face
Michael Zipko
Shock Value

Potato was great. Helped a friend through a difficult week. In the future please use more discreet packaging. The potato name on the envelope took away some of the magic. I love you though. Thanks.

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