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Mail A Potato Face
Ryan Ward
Hilarious Gift

Honestly, this gift kept our family laughing well after the gift arrived. It is a great, funny little story to bring up with friends and family :)

Wife & kids love it! Comfortable!

First off this blanket is surprisingly very comfortable! Very impressed with this product. The family got to wrap up like a Burrito!

Mail A Potato Face
Bryan Smith
Very Nice

You get exactly what is advertise, quite funny.

Mankini tater

Potato has lasted long past it's normal shelf life, and has been a center piece for conversation starting. Everyone who sees it compliments it and wants to know how to get a potato!

Surprise Box
Anthony Mazzoli
Great gag, or special gift!

I sent one to a friend just to confuse them, the other had a special picture for my other friend. It meant a lot to them, lol
. Always thinking about others is fun sometimes!

Surprise Box
Christine Rice

Got this for my 12yr old daughter. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop laughing! Thank you!!

Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato

Surprise Box
Gary Rambler
A great tater surprise

Lots of fun for all!

Surprise Box
Mat Simmert
Great fun little gift!

Inexpensive and quite the shock to receive!

7 Potatoes. All Amazing

I’ve ordered 7 potatoes over the last few months sent anonymously to my friends and I couldn’t be happier!

Goals Achieved!!

My goal of sending a gift that would not cause clutter was met tenfold with the unknown spud. My sister who had a shoulder replacement surgery was bamboozled and beguiled. She couldn’t put any of the clues together to figure out who sent it even as I clearly stated the same phrasing as was on the potato. “You are my favorite” went right over her head. Maybe it was the drugs. But what I do know is the wish that she healed quickly and reach the goal of throwing the potato was a fine one to put in her head. She even took her potato to her rehab therapy to show and tell. Yes, I’ll say all my goals were met and she still has her goal of throwing the potato with a completely healed shoulder. Thank you Anonymous Potato for being there for me.
Happy trails.

It was quite funny, the picture on the potato did not look as good as the photos on the website.

Controlled Chaos

I have sent several potato’s to key member of the staff at work to instigate a potato war. I believe it is time for phase two of our plan to commence…

Smiles, laughter, surprise -- FROM A POTATO.

Sure, in theory anyone can write on a potato and mail it, but we know we need someone to do it for us. WE KNOW IT. I’ve sent three anonymous potatoes, and they were received with amusement and raised eyebrows, especially the one I had marked as a “singing teletater" with the Happy Birthday song lyrics on it.

Can you spend your money more wisely? YES. Should you? HECK NO.

The only weak link is the USPS and the inability to predict exactly when something will be delivered. This has resulted in a late birthday potato, as well as two potatoes I wanted to arrive simultaneously instead getting to their destinations days apart. Despite this, yes, I recommend sending an ANONYMOUS POTATO.

Nothing says true love like receiving random carbs from your husband. I laughed way too hard at this!!!

Potato Birthday Bundle
lauren arnold

Potato Birthday Bundle

The memories

This is just amazing. I love it...the hilarious memories this sparks are just to good. See at about 16 yrs old my mom caught me and my girlfriends smoking pot. Now we would've gotten away with it but young and dumb we left it out..she found it and when asked to hand over the goods, we handed over a potato we had carved a hole into and made a pot pipe out of and when you were done you cooked it and ate I said young and dumb to enhance the effects...oh to be young again and know what I know now.

Fun times

Everybody loves a potato and a giggle.


This is my new favorite thing to send to people!! Worth every cent to send potatoes to people!!

Mail A Potato Face

Mail A Potato Face
Alexis Nixon

Mail A Potato Face

Nice surprise for someone special

HA! love this! they never knew what hit'em! thanks for this service!

We love this site!

We have sent two potatoes and both have earned many laughs. Definitely my favorite thing to send people now.

Better than flowers

A dear friend had surgery and flowers are so over-done. I saw an ad for Anonymous Potato and thought what a hilarious idea. She LOVED it and brought laughter and a huge smile, just what I was trying to achieve!

Best Gift I've Ever Sent

The recipient thought it was the funniest thing ever, and proceeded to show all guests who visited his 'birthday potato.' I will absolutely do this again someday!

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