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Fun Valentine Gifts To Give

January 28, 2020 5 min read

Fun Valentine Gifts To Give


It's time to celebrate love, with love! 

Are you scratching your head again, thinking what will you gift your loved one this Valentine’s day? Don’t worry; we have some really fun ideas listen down for you.

 “Love.” The word itself seems quite generic. It means lots of things; the attitudes, state, related to a billion feelings and a thousand emotions, all of which are profound to affection and attraction. But, when you feel like you have found “the one,”  love is all directed to a specific person. This is how it takes up a new meaning and a new form. From “just a feeling,” love becomes a precious emotion within itself and takes the form of promises.

To rejoice this love each year, we have a day reserved just for our beloveds that celebrate love in all forms; Valentine’s Day. The day marks the making of new promises and keeping true to those you made last year. Every year, you do something nice that shows how much you love your significant other. You dedicate yourself once more to your loved one. But that’s not all there is to Valentine’s Day. It is also a day when you are riddled with apprehension, and you cannot figure out what gift is equally as precious as your loved one.

There are no lies in saying that lovers wait eagerly for Valentine’s Day to see what they receive this year. And that stresses you out for sure. But don’t worry. Take off your thinking caps, and let us help you crack this mystery! These fun-filled ideas are the perfect ideas that will remind your lovers of you, and they will absolutely adore these!

1. Anonymous Potato With A Message On It

There is nothing funnier, better, and more romantic than a sweet potato for your sweetie. Who knew sweet potatoes could be so much more than just edibles? As the name indicates, these anonymous potatoes are delivered by mail to your loved one’s address, without mentioning that you sent it. You can type a customized message for it to be displayed on the sweet potato. It is creative and perfect!


2. Canvas Prints

It is time to show them that you will always be there. LITERALLY. Choose a top-quality canvas and get prints of your favorite time together. It can be any place that you visited together or some memory that just you two have shared. You can also add a customized text on canvas prints and add as many decorations you want. Canvas prints are sweet reminders of beautiful moments spent together.

3. Customized Laptop Bags

Helpful gifts are always a plus point and what is better than something as essential as laptop bags. Laptop bags are useful for almost everybody, especially for those who have to travel because of work. When you give them a customized laptop bag with a picture of you two together or a customized message, they will be reminded of you. It not only shows that you love them but also that you support them.

4. Explosion Boxes

Photographs are adorable. They are timeless memories of invaluable time spent together. And there are many creative ideas regarding photographs. One of the most artistic and interesting ideas are explosion boxes. These boxes are made in different shapes such as hearts or flowers that are twirled together to form a box. On every patter, pictures are posted. You can also add small texts, and if you have traveled together anywhere, you could also add souvenirs!

5. Anonymous Flowers

Flowers are the most traditional gestures of love. And who isn’t a fan of flowers? However, you can add a tinge of a surprise to it. Send flowers, anonymously! They will guess it for sure, but they will love the idea. Sending them flowers with cards or small gifts are the perfect ideas to get your sweetheart thinking of you again!

6. Preserved Rose

Can you think of anything better than an everlasting memory of love? There are things better than fresh flowers, that’s a fact. There is a preserved rose carefully tucked in a silver or gold box. Unlike the fresh flowers that stay alive for less than a week, this preserved rose lasts a lifetime!

7. Handwriting Bracelet

From your hand to her heart! “Saying” I love You can get better. Writing it down and preserving it, how romantic is that? You can write down the I love You and get a bracelet for your sweetheart in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold.

8. What I Love About You Journal

There is just something about the old trends when love letters were written. Letters are always effective and win hearts in no time. Here’s the catch, you can get a What I Love About You Journal and fill it with reasons why you love them, inside jokes, memory reminders, and future plans. It is a real ride to the sentimental realm.

9. Morse Code Necklace

Keeping things just between the two of you is a great idea to show her how important she is. And there is a smart idea to do it. Use the morse code to customize a necklace for her! It can be any personal message, a nickname, or anything else that is important to both of you. A necklace specially designed only she can decode will definitely make her feel important and love you more than ever before!

10. Location Framed Map

There has to be a place that reminds you of each other! You can map out the beginning of your love story, where you first met, where you first had the most fun together. You can choose the exact location, add a heartfelt message, and your names. It’s perfect!

11. 365 Reasons Jar

There is nothing cuter than hand-written notes and letters. They have a way of winning hearts. So why not modify them a bit? The 365 reasons Jar is as romantic as it can get. You can divide these letters into good days, bad days, and reasons why I love You. This jar is the gateway to love, that’s for sure.

12. 100 Movies Scratch-off Poster

Now that is something wonderful! The 100 Movie Scratch-off Poster will help you save time in deciding which movie to watch. Just scratch and you will know which movie to watch next! Instead of rewatching the same shows, you can catch something good together, and there is no match for Dirty Dancing!

13. Wooden Picture Frame

A picture can speak a thousand words, and when there is a picture of you two that you just can't stop staring at, Wooden Picture Frames are your ways to go! You can stick your favorite picture in there and use it as a decoration piece that can be cherished for years to come.

14. Five Senses

Its time to connect the dots! Decorate a drawer and engage the five senses. Add something creative for the sight, smell, touch, hear, and taste. You can add gifts accordingly, such as essential oils, chocolates, perfumes, or something that your significant other likes best!

15. The Difference A Day Makes Burlap Print

One of the best ways of celebrating love with your Valentine is giving them a “look-back” of memories. This frame consists of every date that mattered to you throughout your love story. The day you first met to the day when you got married and every milestone that you reached together, can be preserved with this frame.

So, here is a list of gifts that will make your Valentine’s Day, THE BEST Valentine’s Day ever! Your partner will be swoon! For more fun ideas, don’t forget to visit Anonymous Potato! They make sure your partner loves these ideas!

Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato

We generate laughs, memories and good times with our Anonymous custom messaged potato mail. We have delivered over 100,000+ memories since our inception. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and send an Anonymous or non-Anonymous potato with a custom message.

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