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Top Searched Birthday MEMES

March 10, 2021 4 min read

Top Searched Birthday MEMES

There are millions of people who have joined social media in the past few years and these social media platforms have witnessed a sharp increase in their popularity. The statistics corroborate this statement because around 3.5 million people have an account on at least one of the social media channels.

Of course, with modernized times, come upgraded means of communicating and exchanging dialogue with friends. People don’t always reply to their friends or peers through texts. Often times, they resort to memes to express themselves and give a clever response.

With the advent of meme culture, more and more meme accounts are gaining traction and acquiring thousands of followers. The consumption of memes has skyrocketed because everyone is immensely entertained by them.

These memes are designed to cater to a diverse audience; there are some scaled back ones that are focused on shallow humor because they’re for adults, while more aggressive memes are made for the youth so they can relate with and enjoy them. Point being, irrespective of where you lie in the demographic sphere, there is an amusing meme out there for you.

Let’s be honest, everyone you know most likely follows a meme account and presumably you do too. Some memes get viral because they intelligently describe a trend, phenomenon or idea based on specific occasions. This blog will focus on one such event: birthdays!

In the following excerpt, we’ll be shedding light upon some of the most famed and top-searched birthday memes of all time. The content contained in all of them is unique, witty and humorous which makes them re-usable and relevant across space and time!

I know Your Age Birthday Meme

Birthday MemeThe naughty and devilish face that the child is making is explanatory of the intention behind this meme. Feel like teasing a friend about how old they’re turning? Share this with them on a full photato! This is a relevant meme to send to someone who constantly tries to conceal their actual age to be perceived as younger than the age they’re hitting. If you have grown up with them (e.g., they’re your cousin or childhood friend) there’s no way you don’t know their real age. Use this to your advantage and spread smiles with an Anonymous Full Photo Potato.

Birthday Signing Meme

Birthday Meme Singing I’m certain everyone can relate to this meme! Think about all the birthdays you’ve celebrated. Now specifically think about the face you make every time it’s time to cut the cake and everyone is singing the birthday jingle in the background. Awkward, right? Well, we are sailing in the same boat. The overwhelming feeling of being the center of attention reflects in obvious confusion on the face. It is natural to not know how to react. This picture of the monkey making an awkward face is an apt representation of how lost the birthday person feels in the moment. Easily add this meme to an Anonymous Potato

Star Wars Birthday Meme

Star Wars Birthday memeI’m sure almost every person familiar with Hollywood and its iconic films, has at least heard of Star Wars, if not already seen it. The fanbase of this movie extends nationwide as it set the precedent of an epic space opera trilogy for following decades. This meme is based on the film and its most famous character, Darth Vader, here is wishing “Happy Birthday”. So, if you have a friend who is a Star Wars fanatic, send this meme to them on their birthday. They will surely appreciate the effort because they will be aware of the context behind the image.

The Confusing Birthday Meme

Cousin Birthday Meme

This is ironic; a meme describing how people wish their cousins with a meme in a blog that is about memes. Wait, wait, don’t get confused. This essentially represents how millennials and GenZ today find it much more convenient to wish their relatives through a meme as opposed to a text message. They actually prefer it because utilizing a meme as a birthday wish isn’t just of comical value, it is a creative effort one makes.

Forgetful Birthday Meme

Late Birthday Gift MemeThis is another pretty relatable meme for everyone. Not everyone is good with dates. To be precise, most people aren’t good with dates. When you’re generally a forgetful person, it may completely skip your mind whenever a friend’s birthday is coming up and you need to buy a present for them. It is only on the day of the birthday celebration when the sudden realization strikes you. You rush to a gift shop before attending the birthday party in the hopes of finding an adequate present that your friend will appreciate. This meme could not have summed up this scenario better! If you have trouble with dates then schedule your gift in advance with Anonymous Potato.

Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Cat MemeWe all have that one single girl in our groups of friends who is an introvert and only likes spending time with cats. Well, this meme is just the one for them. These are the type of girls who aren’t drawn to the idea of dating or settling in a long-term relationship and are joked about in the friends’ circle as become a “Crazy Cat Lady” in future. Their birthday is a perfect occasion for you to send them this meme and just one more time, pull their leg for getting closer to becoming a crazy cat lady!

It is safe to assume that people have become increasingly dependent on this type of content as it releases the serotonin in their brain and makes them feel lighter. If you are to thinking about it, memes offer so much more than plain humor- they are also a source of informative content pertaining various subject matters. They can be employed to represent societal angst, political affairs and even be used by companies as a marketing technique. Either way, their popularity has only increased over time and from the looks of it, will only gain more of it in future as well. 


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