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Better Ways To Say Get Well Soon

February 02, 2021 5 min read

Better Ways To Say Get Well Soon

Words have great significance. Words are really magical. Words can possess a tremendous healing power. A few words can make wonders, and can change one’s life.

Here you will find new ways of greeting “Get well soon, hope you feel better” to someone    among your friends, colleagues or family and bring a smile on his his/her face.


Lively and caring messages

A quick recovery is awaiting you!

Nice get well soon words is not less than a gift for someone sick.

I know you will be alright soon!

A good text can be healing and soothing.

I want to see you in perfect health real fast!

Your friend will realize that you are missing him.

Get healthy soon dear! You are too special!

A meaningful and expressive text from your side.

You deserve to be fit and healthy!

One will realize that your text stands out from the rest.

You will be fine and shining soon, relax!

Value your relations with your words in their unfavorable times.

You do not look sick! You look good!

One good piece of motivation to your friend from you.

I look forward for you to get smart and ready again!

This is far away from the old and common ones.

What have you done to you! You are so strong!

This one too could be a good text from you.

Get up! Brush up! And show up!

Encourage your friend to become well fast.

Tell the world that you are very tough!

Your friend with a fighter attitude will really like it.

Listen to some good music while you are in bed!

This could be a good advice to your friend while he is ill.

Just be easy and relax! You will be fine soon!

A nice one from your side to comfort your sick friend.

Take your time and get well!

When your friend has worked hard and needs to rest, send him this text.

I believe you needed a break! Get better dear!

Express your kind wishes to your colleague when he is ill.

You are being missed very much! Get healthy soon!

Send to your friend at workplace, your get well soon warm wishes.

Affectionate messages


My best prayers and warmest wishes for your health are with you!

Expressing your emotions can relieve your grandfather’s pain.

My hearty prayers and warm wishes will remain with you and make you healthy soon!

Wishing your grandmother with these words will be a powerful healing.

I extend my heartiest wishes for your quickest recovery!

One will be touched and feel good with this text of yours.

Your health and happiness mean a lot to me! So, get well soon!

When one is sick, you can let him know his value in your heart with this text.

For sure you will feel better with my sincere prayers!

One will really feel good with this text from you.

My warm wishes and love are with you! Recover fast dear!

Touch your loved one’s heart with your nice text.

Accept my kindest and warmest wishes for your fast recovery and show up soon!

Forward this text to your employee to make him feel important.

My hearty wishes for your quick betterment!

Add this one to the list of your selected get well soon ones.

I wish you a quick comeback to good health!

This text will also stand out for you to someone special.

Return back to best of health soon, my dear!

You have a great choice to chose from your get well soon texts, with this one.

With my text, I am sending you my prayers for your fast recovery, joined with my best wishes and love for you!

Express to your special one to make him realize how much you care.


Humorous messages

Have more time to watch “Tom & Jerry” now, being in bed!

A funny friend never misses out a chance to joke around with his texts.

Germs love you very much! Get well soon!

There are great ways to cheer your friend up with your text when he is unwell.

This is for you to have some rest in bed and have popcorns! Get better quick my friend!

Illuminate his spirits when he is not in good health.

I want to make fun of you again! Recover soon!

You can send this funny message to lit up your friend's mood.

If I was your doctor! I would give you candies! Get well soon!

Your friend will cherish your text if you are really humorous.

I miss your cakes very much! Get better fast and make more for me!

This is particularly for someone close to you, who is good at baking cakes.


Lovers special

Baby, I am crazy for you! Get well and come to me!

Your sweetheart means a lot to you and she knows it.

I love you too much my baby! Get better soon!

Make her feel how special she is to you when she is not well.

Get better fast! My love!

Make her feel better at the time when she is un well in bed.

I want to be with you baby! Get well for me!

Your baby is also bored without you but can’t help it.

Here's to you my darling! A better every day!

She will sure recover fast with this text. Try it out.

I know my darling will bounce back very soon! Get well!

Send her this text to make her feel good.

My darling I am always with you! Get better soon!

Let her feel your love and affection with your nice text.

Don’t worry my pretty baby! I know you are very strong!

For sure your baby will feel strong after reading your text.

I wish I were a magician to make you healthy now! I love you!

In fact, you are not a magician, perhaps your words could work like magic to make her recover.

Sending you lots of kisses and my warm wishes! You will be alright soon!

Maybe your wishes work with her medicines and make her right.

Your flu has gotten closer to you girl! I feel jealous! Get rid of it quick!

If she loves you too, she will feel warm inside, with your text.

I thought I was the closest to you! Get rid of your medicines fast!

You are too possessive about her and envy her tablets also. You can express it with your text.


People always remember their well wishers and are touched by their nice gestures in their happy and bad times. Good and nice health wishes that express love and support are very healing for a friend, lover, colleague, someone in the family or business associate. The above texts are quite uplifting and can a great impression of yours on the receiver.

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