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January 30, 2021 4 min read


You just cannot deny that “potatoes” play a central role in the world of food. From mashed potatoes to potato wedges, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, garlic potatoes, butter potatoes, and we can keep adding to the list…. Especially, let’s not forget the most loved form, FRIES! So it is safe to say that potatoes are literally the backbone of many dishes. And why wouldn’t it be? It works well with everything!

So now that we have come to the mere realization that everyone adores potatoes, its time to break all stereotypes and show some REAL love to those we hold close to our hearts. Who made the “giving gifts” rule stick with just the boring perfume bottles (umm, no?) turtlenecks (GEEZ), watches (boooo), or the other basic stuff? Since we all love potatoes so much, why can’t we ship or mail a potato(es) to a friend, family member, or our significant other over an occasion! They are healthy, nutritious, adorable, and will make anyone you send it to laugh like crazy!

And who says you can only send the original flavored potatoes? Send a sweet potato to your sweetheart! So how can you do that? There are two ways to do so, and we’ll take a look at them one by one. But first, let’s see what you can do with the potato itself!


There are literally dozens of ways you can decorate a potato and customize it for whomever you want to send the potato to. The best idea is to craft a heartfelt message for your loved one on a petty colored paper and stick it to the potato. Or you can write a very small message on the potato itself with a marker, preferably a colored one because colors are lovely! Words or drawings,  use whatever you like and pour your heart out for your loved one.

Here’s another idea! You can also add pictures of the person you are sending the potato to, and add an inside joke between the two of you. The more personal it is, the better it is, and the more they are going to adore it!

Also remember, the bigger the potato, the larger the surface area to write your message!


There is more than one way to ship a potato, one a little troublesome and the other, trouble-free. Let’s take a look:


There are several postal services throughout the state that offer to ship your potato at the desired address. Just like how you use these delivery services to send in normal, boring gifts to your loved ones, you can use the same services for sending in the potato. Here are five steps that make shipping easier;


Time to go grocery shopping! Pay a visit to your groceries or farmer’s market and select your desired potato. Better to choose a smooth potato, as it will make it easier to write or stick things on. Don’t forget to save the weighing receipt, as you will need it to apply to the postage later on. It’s ideal to save some dough and keep the potato under 13 oz and ship your potato First Class.


Now its time to write your message and the recipient's address on the potato. Make sure you mention the address details very clearly.


Heartfelt or a witty and whacky message on the opposite side of where you wrote the address. Need some ideas? Here!

  • You’re absolutely mashing….
  • I love you more than French fries.
  • Can I cook you dinner?
  • You’ve got a stunning curb a-peel!
  • Will you be my French fry?


Make sure you add the correct amount of postages, as they are based on weight.


Send it through the mail or delivery service and let it sail!

Remember that there are some timing troubles as well as payment issues that you might have to face when you are sending a potato through regular services. So keep an eye out!


Let the experts handle this! Now that is where the real fun lies at! Anonymous Potato, like the name indicates, is a website that ships potatoes to your desired addresses, anonymously! Whoever you send the potato to will never know that you sent the potato, that is unless you tell them.

The best thing about Anonymous Potato is that you don’t even have to go through the trouble of going to your grocer’s for buying potato or even decorating it. Because the website has that handled too! All you have to do is log on to the website and surf through the plethora of ideas Anonymous Potato has for you. From customized messages to pictures, and jokes, all you have to do is pick a potato of choice and follow these steps!


Pick a potato of your choice from the website. There are tons of ideas.


 When you proceed to the checkout page, this is what you will see:

**NOTE - You must type the ADDRESS of the RECIPIENT, YOUR EMAIL (Not the recipient), and include your Anonymous Message & Instructions under the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER” upon Checkout.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions very carefully. And don’t forget to type in some anonymous messages!


You can add some spice to your shipment by adding the Burlap SACK!


Confirm your order and Voila!

There you go, proof that potatoes are amazing gifts too! So the next time its Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, you won’t have to lose your marbles thinking about what to give your loved one!

Send A Face Potato


Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato

We generate laughs, memories and good times with our Anonymous custom messaged potato mail. We have delivered over 100,000+ memories since our inception. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and send an Anonymous or non-Anonymous potato with a custom message.

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