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Top 10 April Fools' Day Pranks

March 28, 2019 4 min read

Top 10 April Fools' Day Pranks

Aww! April fools day is upon us, and it is time to plan out your prank(s). April 1st is nationally known to be accepting to deception, misleading and downright breathtaking jokes. If planned out correctly you could gain notary or have a lasting memory with family, friends or customers. For some of us pulling off a memorable hoax comes naturally, but for most of us, we need a little help on coming up with a creative idea. Pulling off a legitimate prank that has comical value can be one of the hardest things to do. You can easily overdo it or come up way short of a punch line. With that, we have compiled a list of April fools pranks to help get you started. Please note that all jokes will have varying responses depending on the recipient's tolerance to hilarious pranks.

Notable April Fools Pranks

Spaghetti Prank

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) once tricked the whole nation into believing, that spaghetti grows on trees in Switzerland.

Taco Liberty Bell

Taco Bell assured everyone that they bought the Liberty Bell, now to be known as Taco Liberty Bell. The

Taco Bell Buys Liberty Bell Prank

The Sydeny Iceberg

Dick Smith, a local adventurer, and millionaire businessman had been loudly promoting his scheme to tow an iceberg from Antarctica for quite some time. Everything was going as planned until rain gave away the prank being merely shaving cream and firefighting foam.

Iceberg April Fools Prank

To find an entire list of notable April fools, please take a gander here -

Now To Your April Fool's Prank List:

1. Send An Anonymous Potato With A Custom Message

Yes, we are self-promoting with our number one April fools prank. Sorry, but we are not sorry. Now there are numerous things you can do with an Anonymous Potato to make your Aprils fools joke memorable. Before we get into some ideas lets address the elephant in the room. Yes, you could necessarily tell someone in person or write your prank on paper and deliver it to them, but we feel you have a better chance of invoking the feeling of truthfulness through our novelty gift. There is something to be said for having the message delivered from a third party telling your custom story or a message. We believe the Anonymous Potato is attention-grabbing and offers authenticity that is needed to deliver the punch line. Now you will need to plan it out as April 1st delivery is not always guaranteed, but having your joke come a day or two before or after can add to the climax.

We don't advocate destroying people's property or hurting them (physically or mentally), but everything else is fair game! Happy pranking!


Anonymous Potato Pranks

Situation: Employees to Boss
Message: You have been nominated for our Best Boss Awards! Apply by giving everyone a $100 Bonus.
Goal: Tell him how you really feel without being rude. (Must have a cool relationship with your boss as we don't want you to get fired)

Situation: Girlfriend to Boyfriend
Message: I am pregnant
Goal: Same prank everyone says, but on a potato

Situation: Setting up a prank in the office
Message: You are needed on this date at this time
Goal: Setup a future prank with misleading information

Situation: Husband To Husband or Wife to Wife
Message: You are one hot potato
Goal: Make it look like you have a secret admirer

Situation: Child to Father
Message: You had me 15 years ago. Can we finally meet? - Zach (love child)
Goal: Cause confusion

As you can see, there are so many different things you can do and set up with an Anonymous Potato. Oh, and you can put photos on them as well :)


2. Insect Lamp

April Fools Insect Lamp Prank

No one likes roaches, and no one likes roaches in their home especially next to their longing areas.

Print out some roaches off internet images on black paper, cut them out and tape them to the inner part of a lamp. The shadow will give off the impression that roaches have infested the house!

3. Ballon Prank Fake Out
Aprils Fools Ballon Prank

Okay, so you want to get your boss without completely pissing him off. Then the balloon prank is for you. Just buy a pack of 100 so balloons, blow them all up and stack them in a clear plastic bag that is taped to the door.

4. Attach Air Horn To Co-Workers Seat

April Fools Air Horn prank
Now if you have a work environment that thrives on April fools and you want to stand out, then this one may be for you. You will need to beat the targeted co-worker to work and raise their chair higher than usual and tape the airhorn to the bottom. When the co-worker goes to put their chair back to the standard height, they will be blown away.

5. Mouse Prank
April Fools Mouse Prank
Simple, but creative. Again beat your targeted co-worker to work and tape a small piece of paper with a message to the ball or laser on their mouse. When they go to inspect why the mouse isn't working, they will get your message!

6. Hang Kim Jung Un picture on staff wall
April Fools Kim Jung Un Prank

lol do we have to explain this one?

7. The Office Copier Prank

Aprils Fools Office Scanner Prank

In our example, we have Nicholas Cage, but you can use anyone or anything you want here. Every time someone makes a copy, they will have the image you taped to the copier on it.

8. Paint Soap With Clear Nail Polish

Aprils Fools Nail Polish On Soap Prank

Now, this is just wrong, lol. Putting on the nail polish will prevent the soap from lathering thus preventing the person from actually cleaning themselves.

9. Chewbacca Voicemail Prank

April Fools Voicemail Prank

Okay, identify a person you want to prank that has a good personality and then print out these signs with their phone number on it. You will be surprised by how many voicemails they will receive.

10. Toilet Roll Spider

April Fools Spider On Toilet paper Prank

Like the insect lamp prank, you will need to print and cut out the spider. From here all you have to do is place it and tape it.

Those round out our top 10 April Fools' Day pranks! If you have any more ideas, please feel free to share below as we would love to hear what you are doing. :)

Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato

We generate laughs, memories and good times with our Anonymous custom messaged potato mail. We have delivered over 100,000+ memories since our inception. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and send an Anonymous or non-Anonymous potato with a custom message.

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