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Sarah and wolves released a viral video of here showing how happy this wolf was to have play time with Sarah!  Sarah and Wolves Video    Video Description: Lakomi is an upper-mid content wolfdog who lives in a sanctuary. She was found surviving in the wild at 8 months old, however, it quickly became apparent that she had been bred and partially raised in captivity. At the time of her rescue, she was wearing a harness intended for an 8 week old. Her skin had grown over the harness and removing it took hours of surgery and months of medication...

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Dogs Surfing. Yep, it's a thing in Galveston, TX. via Coast Monthly At least it is in Galveston, Texas where they will be hosting their 5th Annual Ohana Surf Do...


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This is the modern day celebrity? This country glorifies and makes famous a young girl for being disrespectful to her mother. She is no role model. She is no idol. She is no god. Pay close attention to what happens next.

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