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Mail A Custom Anonymous Potato

Traditional Mail Is BORING.

Time to bring it alive with an Anonymous Potato. Seriously, make someone's day or leave them confused with an Anonymous Potato. 

Our team will write the designated custom text and ship it to your recipient with our fulfillment address as the sender. 


Uploading A Photato 

  • Upload a picture of a¬†single person (or pet), and our team will make sure that face fits just right on the potato!¬† If you upload a photo with more than one person in a picture, then we will not know who to put on the potato!¬†

    • No need to worry about cropping the photo as we will handle this.¬†For optimal results, upload a high-quality image.

Custom Text

  • Limit characters to 130 if possible.

Checking Out

  • Provide the¬†RECIPIENTS SHIPPING ADDRESS¬†and¬†YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS¬†on the checkout page

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Shipping Instructions

Process Time:

  • Processing An Order Can take 1-3 Business Days. We typically fulfill ASAP orders on the same or next business day before 5:00 pm Cst. Our Holiday Processing time is 3-6 Business Days.

Shipping Time

  • The standard shipping time is 3-6 days.¬†We cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date.¬†Though we will definitely try our best!¬†

Put The Correct Shipping Address:

  • Make sure you put in the correct¬†RECIPIENT'S¬†shipping address and not your personal address.¬†
  • If we ship a product to the¬†incorrect shipping address that you provided you will not be able to get a¬†refund.

Picking A Shipping Date: 

  • We offer our customers the ability to pick a shipment date. This is not the date the recipient will receive the order this is the date we will try to ship the product out on.¬†
  • Please note our processing time is 1-3 business days.¬†

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    Ordering Multiple Potatoes

    If they are going to a different address, then please place separate orders for each of them.


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    Hilariously mail a potato to anyone in the US!
    The perfect gift for birthdays, holiday and special occasions. Smiles/Laughs Guaranteed
    Schedule Your Order To Arrive At The Perfect Time
    Brighten Up Someones Day With 100% Laughs Guaranteed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    The memories

    This is just amazing. I love it...the hilarious memories this sparks are just to good. See at about 16 yrs old my mom caught me and my girlfriends smoking pot. Now we would've gotten away with it but young and dumb we left it out..she found it and when asked to hand over the goods, we handed over a potato we had carved a hole into and made a pot pipe out of and when you were done you cooked it and ate it...as I said young and dumb to enhance the effects...oh to be young again and know what I know now.

    Fun times

    Everybody loves a potato and a giggle.

    Nice surprise for someone special

    HA! love this! they never knew what hit'em! thanks for this service!

    Better than flowers

    A dear friend had surgery and flowers are so over-done. I saw an ad for Anonymous Potato and thought what a hilarious idea. She LOVED it and brought laughter and a huge smile, just what I was trying to achieve!

    Best Gift I've Ever Sent

    The recipient thought it was the funniest thing ever, and proceeded to show all guests who visited his 'birthday potato.' I will absolutely do this again someday!

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