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Mail A Potato Face

Customize your face potato

With the Potato Face! We will put your face, a friend's face, co-workers face, or the face of someone famous on a potato and send it to anyone you know! Literally, put any face you want on a potato. 

Our team will write the designated custom text, attach your custom photo to the potato, and ship it to your recipient with our fulfillment address as the sender. 


Uploading A Photato 

  • Upload a picture of a single person (or pet), and our team will make sure that face fits just right on the potato!  If you upload a photo with more than one person in a picture, then we will not know who to put on the potato! 

    • No need to worry about cropping the photo as we will handle this. For optimal results, upload a high-quality image.

Custom Text

  • Limit characters to 130 if possible.

Checking Out

  • Provide the RECIPIENTS SHIPPING ADDRESS and YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS on the checkout page

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Shipping Instructions

Process Time:

  • Processing An Order Can take 1-3 Business Days. We typically fulfill ASAP orders on the same or next business day before 5:00 pm Cst. Our Holiday Processing time is 3-6 Business Days.

Shipping Time

  • The standard shipping time is 3-6 days. We cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date. Though we will definitely try our best! 

Put The Correct Shipping Address:

  • Make sure you put in the correct RECIPIENT'S shipping address and not your personal address. 
  • If we ship a product to the incorrect shipping address that you provided you will not be able to get a refund.

Picking A Shipping Date: 

  • We offer our customers the ability to pick a shipment date. This is not the date the recipient will receive the order this is the date we will try to ship the product out on. 
  • Please note our processing time is 1-3 business days. 

Shipping To A Business

  • If going to a business address we cannot control if the order shows up on the weekend or non-working hours. You must contact USPS with your tracking number on this. 

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    Ordering Multiple Potatoes

    If they are going to a different address, then please place separate orders for each of them.


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      How Do I Put A Picture On A Potato? 

      • You will have to pick between a Face Potato or a Full Photo Potato. On the product page, you will have the option to upload a photo where it says "Choose File"

      Do I Need To Crop My Photo Before Uploading?

      • No, you don't need to crop your photo! We will do this as we fulfill the product.

      • Face Potato - If you purchase a Face Potato we will crop the photo for you. 

      • Photato - If you pick a full photo potato we will not crop the photo. This is meant to be like a postcard. 

      When Will My Order Arrive?

      • Orders are processed in 1-3 business days and shipping time is around 3-6 business days. 

      • We cannot guarantee a certain day the package will arrive, but you can try to time it as close as possible. 

      Can I Schedule A Shipment? 

      • You sure can. On the product page, you can hit ship ASAP or schedule a date to ship.

      • Shipping ASAP means we will fulfill that order in 1-3 days to be shipped.

      • If you are trying to plan a certain recipient date you can schedule knowing that our shipping time is around 3-7=6 days depending on the postal service volume and your recipient's location. 

      • On scheduled shipments, we will try to get the order fulfilled on the desired date, but sometimes it could fall into the 1-3 day time frame of processing. 

      Whose Shipping Address And Email Do I Enter At Check Out?

      • We will also never show your email. That is why it is very important to enter YOUR email and the RECIPIENT'S shipping address at checkout. If you want the person to know that it was from you, simply write your name in the message. For example "Love, Jake R."

      Can My Message Be Anonymous?

      • Yes, it can! If you would like the message to be anonymous, simply do not give any clues that the potato was from you. Meaning, do not write your name on the message!

      • Please note that we do not send harassing, threatening, hateful messages. We read every message and will ask you to change it if we think it is not a friendly message. If someone emails us feeling harassed by a potato they received, we may reveal your identity to avoid conflict with ourselves and the receiver. 

      Will The Person Receiving the Potato Know That I Was The One Who Sent It?

      • This is completely up to you.  The orders can be anonymous or not. We will never show your shipping address as the return address. It will only show our shipping address and the recipient's on the package.

          Will The Potato Arrive In A Package? 

          • Yes, it will. If there is no package, then it will arrive damaged to your recipient! We do not send potatoes in the mail with just stamps on them. All packages are protective so your potato won't arrive mashed!

          • You can also upgrade to a box for shipping. 

          • If you upgraded to a burlap sack this to will arrive in an envelope 

          What Types Of Messages Are Allowed? 

          • We allow a variety of fun messages! We also allow profanity. However, we do not allow hateful, harmful, or threatening messages and we will not process orders with messages that have wording like this. In this instance, we will either cancel your order or ask you to change your message.

          What Types Of Images Are Allowed? 

          • We allow a variety of fun images! However, we do not allow nudity of any kind, or images that can be interpreted as harmful or threatening. If such kind of image is uploaded, we will contact you to replace the image with one that abides by our policies. 

          Do You Do Drawings?

          • We currently do not offer drawings, but you can request it in your shopping cart under special instructions to the seller. Our fulfillment team is not obligated to draw, but they usually do if requested :)

          Hilariously mail a potato to anyone in the US!
          The perfect gift for birthdays, holiday and special occasions. Smiles/Laughs Guaranteed
          Schedule Your Order To Arrive At The Perfect Time
          Brighten Up Someones Day With 100% Laughs Guaranteed

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 125 reviews
          Becky S.
          Showed up late and moldy

          I already emailed the company, and received no reply, but I was really excited about the idea of this gift, and completely disappointed with the outcome. Despite getting an email that it was delivered, it didn’t actually show up for another week. When it did arrive to the recipient it had chunks missing and had mold in those spots, making the message illegible and the potato a waste. Love this idea but would not try again due to this bad experience and service.


          Mail A Potato Face

          Melissa Shanley
          Awesome but a bit $$

          Potato turned out great and was a hit!

          Joel Degoey
          Never arrived

          Horrible service, package never arrived. Customer service Ignoring emails

          Desirae Sanders
          So cute!

          My bestie loved her potato with my face on it. Great gift to send some laughs

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