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Potato Face

The World's Best Gag Gift is here - Anonymous Potato Brings to you The Potato Face!

Send a customize potato of your face to anyone in the United States Anonymously! Seriously, upload a photo of your face, we will print it, slap it on a potato and send it anonymously. Perfect for sending to friends, family, co-workers face or someone famous. You can put your face, friends face, co-workers face or a famous face on your custom potato.

Anonymous Face Potato IDEAS:

Family Related Ideas 
  • Send a picture to your sister of her ex-boyfriend 
  • Send your dad a photo of a politician that gets him worked up. 
  • Send mom a potato of your face with a sweet message on the back. 
Dating Related Ideas
  • Send your boyfriend/girlfriend a face potato with your face and a message expressing your feelings. 
  • In a debate? Send the correct answer via potato
  • In the dog house? Send a potato with hearts in your eyes.



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