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3D Pop Up Birthday Card

High-Quality Pop Up Birthday Card

Nothing says Happy Birthday like…A big ole pop up that says “Happy Birthday!”
The white cover of the Happy Birthday pop-up card features a red and light green laser-cut word Happy Birthday covered a number of colorful stars and balloons.
This Happy Birthday 3-D greeting card has in large bold letters outlined in white the word “Happy Birthday!” written in a festive script font. Erupting out from behind the sign are gifts and multicolored balloons. This sign is made to detach so you can prop it or hang it on anything you want! On the background, the card is also decorated with stars and colorful tassels.

Inspiration for the Happy Birthday Pop Up Card
We love the art of showing happiness and wanted to bring our sentiment with bold, beautiful new options to say "Happy Birthday!" to the people they love. Our Happy Birthday features unique hand-drawn elements that we think feel extra elegant and make for a personal, memorable card.

Occasions for the Happy Birthday Pop Up Card
Birthdays of course! Perfect for anyone celebrating another splendid year of living. Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa - when it comes to this pop-up card we cannot think of anyone who would not be enchanted by this thoughtful gif

Hilariously mail a potato to anyone in the US!
The perfect gift for birthdays, holiday and special occasions. Smiles/Laughs Guaranteed
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Brighten Up Someones Day With 100% Laughs Guaranteed

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Hilary Detmold

3D Pop Up Happy Birthday Card

Kimberly Bush

3D Pop Up Happy Birthday Card

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